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I talked about grandstanding with Mike Slater on The First on PlutoTV, for his episode on cancel culture.

A conversation about Grandstanding with Aaron Powell and Will Duffield, hosted by The Cato Institute. Also aired on C-SPAN’s BookTV.

My conversation with Ricardo Lopes for his YouTube channel, The Dissenter.


Blocked and Reported

Ibn Abee Omar Podcast

Free Thoughts

Hidden Forces

Give and Take

Heterodox Academy: Half Hour of Heterodoxy

The Political Philosophy Podcast

The Leadership Podcast

That Got Me Thinking

Very Bad Wizards

So, That Happened

Featured In

Commentary (2020): “The Grandstanding Caste”

Christianity Today (2020): “Social Media and Public Grandstanding”

Forbes (2020): “In A Pandemic, We Need Philosophers, Too”

The New York Times Magazine (2020): “I’ve Protested for Racial Justice. Do I Have to Post on Social Media?”

The Guardian (2020): “What drives the ‘moral grandstanding’ that has infected our politics? These feelings of superiority are about people wanting their emotional needs met”

The Irish Times (2020): “Virtue signalling drowns us in hopelessness: Moral grandstanding fosters anger and obscures improvements in many areas”

Vox (2019): “Moral Grandstanding is making an argument to just to boost your status. It’s everywhere.”

Scientific American (2019): “Are You a Moral Grandstander? New research suggests that moral grandstanding may be a major source of conflict in the world today”

The Atlantic: (2019): “The Dark Psychology of Social Networks: Why it feels like everything is going haywire”

The Atlantic (2018): “Randa Jarrar, Moral Grandstanding, and Forbearance: Fixating on offensive speech amplifies its harms—often, the best course is simply to ignore it.

Slate (France) (2017): “Notre indignation vertueuse permanente tire notre société vers le bas”

HuffPost (2016): The Quiet Poison In American Politics: We’re all guilty of “moral grandstanding.” At least in Washington.